Air Freight

With efficient air freight services covering all major airports, we are able to offer convenient quality service at competitive shipping costs.

We can meet your demands and face  any challenges you have with transporting your freight by providing innovative ideas and by implementing solutions to get the job done.

Our People are Our Greatest Asset. Our International Air freight Service is backed by our knowledgeable specialized personnel, with expertise in the international market place. Our transportation Specialists can also assist our customers with the documentation requirements, letters of credit, HazMat, cargo insurance and other related freight transportation issues.

Our air freight professionals are ready to help throughout the process of your shipment, from the initial phone tracking the shipping details from origin until the final destination, we make sure that the entire experience is efficient, professional.

Our tracking systems provide you with timely updates about the status of your freight.

International Air Freight

Cost-effective and efficient International Air Cargo Transportation Services include:

  • Priority Air
  • Consolidated Air
  • Worldwide Charters

Delivery Options include:

  • Door-to-Airport
  • Door-to-Door excluding duties/taxes (DDU)
  • Door-to-Door including duties/taxes (DDP)

We also offer:

  • Seamless linkage to a network of licensed customs brokers
  • Access to an extensive international service partner network, providing full service at origin and destination.
  • Assistance with your international document preparation and presentation requirements.
  • Cargo Transport Insurance (some items are restricted).

The choice between air and ocean normally depends on your shipment’s size, weight, and contents – and how fast you need your goods. 

Under normal conditions, shipping air for small shipments often makes a lot of sense. It may cost more but your goods will arrive within days rather than weeks. It all depends on the type of goods and the urgency

How to Calculate Chargeable Weight for Air Freight Shipments
For calculating the volume weight using inches, multiply the length by the width by the height (L x W x H) in inches to obtain the cubic inches, then:

  • To obtain the dimensional weight in pounds using inches, divide the cubic inch result by 166
  • To obtain the dimensional weight in kilograms using inches, divide the cubic inch result by 366
  • For calculating the volume weight using centimeters, multiply the length by the width by the height (L x W x H) in centimeters to obtain the cubic centimeters, then divide the result by 6000.
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