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Kitting Services

Kitting Services is the process of taking multiple components and combining them in a package to create one new SKU. Many companies use kitting services as it is sometime cheaper to assemble a new SKU rather than shipping the full product. The reason being is that you might have many different products that use the same components with one variation. It will be better to perform kitting.

Adding a marketing-centric spin on your inventory management can unfold amazing possibilities. As the fulfillment industry is transforming at a fast pace, innovative ways to maximize product exposure on ecommerce platforms are also evolving.

The pursuit of increasing order size and optimizing free shipping can be challenging for ecommerce companies. The implementation of creative strategies and value-added fulfilment solutions have surfaced with some of the most exciting revelations. A methodical approach towards them can ascend your business to new levels of success.

Kitting Services meaning

Kitting services refer to kitting that is performed by third-party fulfillment companies (3PL). Many businesses hire 3pl companies to use kitting to keep fulfillment and inventory costs costs low.

Some of the Benefits of benefits of kitting:

  • Increased warehousing efficiency. 
  • Control labor costs. 
  • Increased product sales. 
  • Ability to Create more finished SKU’s by kitting than having to carry so many finished products.
  • Private Label Kitting

A-Z kitting and assembly

When you outsource your kitting needs to International 3PL , we manage the entire process in an efficient way. Our kitting follows a proven process.

Delivering better value through kitting and assembly

A comprehensive and effective kitting and assembly process is essential to the success of the delivery of the final product and to avoiding mistakes. We handle everything from inventory management and storage to product kitting, light assembly and full fulfillment service. Our staff will create logistics solutions for your business that are designed to give you peace of mind.

Warehouse kitting and assembly is an integral part of order fulfillment or e commerce fulfillment.

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