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Top Logistics Companies

How do you decide which are the top logistics companies? These days, they decide by reporting the companies with the most revnue which really does not paint the right picture. Many if the top logistics comopanies are freight forwarders who started offering other logistics services. Does that mean that they are true logistics companies?
Not neccesarily. Most of the companies on the list are Mega Freight Forwarders which does not mean they offer the best logistics services, it simply means they have a large volume of shipments. As far as the oter logistics services, there is doubt as to their ability to offer services such as order fulfillment, kitting or even cross docking.

Do top Logistics Companies offer the best service?

The answer is not necessarily. With automation and technology dictating how to handle calls or service issues, the response time and personal touch is missing. Have you ever tried to settle a claim or a service issue with Fed Ex for, Example? I doubt the solution came to your satisfaction. The bottom line is that a customer is just a number especially if you are a small or medium size company. So, if you are looking to ship packages or ship by air or ocean, you might be able to be satisfied with the services of those mega logistics companies.

Now, if you are looking for a company that will handle your Ecommerce fulfillment , kitting, labeling or consolidation, the top logistics companies by revenue are far from capable of doing that without breaking the bank.

What makes a company a good logistics company?

For starters, it is the companies that are not one dimensional when it comes to logistics services. A company that is focused of Ocean Freight shipping or Air freight is definitely not a candidate. In recent years many of the mega forwarders started offering storage and consolidation services to attract new business.

A good logistics Company has the right staff with the right experience to be able to understand your business. It is a partnership after all.

In addition, a good logistics company has the right attidtude. Customer first, service oridnted and solution oriented.

In conclusion, the top logistics companies are not the ones with the most revenue but the companies that offer a variety of services with exceptional knowledge and dedication to service.

We work with many logistics companies around the world. One of the best logistics company we have every worked with is International 3PL. The right attitude. honest and very fair in their pricing. Don’t take my word for it. Give them a call.


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